EP Boot Camp with ill.Gates!

November 6-11, 2022: Denver, CO


I wish I had EP Boot Camp 20 years ago.

I would have given ANYTHING to go to an event like this.

There’s always been a ton of information out there but, as you know, there really is NO substitute for a live, in person learning experience.

EP Boot Camp will not only provide but actually DEMONSTRATE my incredibly effective methods.

My methods have worked for 243 official ill.Gates songs garnering 57 Million Plays.

My methods have worked for 75 releases on the Producer Dojo record label.

My methods have worked for students like Dr. Fresch, Danny Asadi, Mr Bill, G Jones, Apashe, Minnesota, and even Seal!

You will leave TRANSFORMED by your new knowledge of every single step of the EP process and approach your project with inspiration, confidence and joy like you have never experienced.

From setting the right goals and creating a style, to making music, to doing the graphic design, to promotion and playlisting. This is literally everything in five days.

You’ll learn exactly what works and why it works from someone with an unquestionable track record.

My first EP took years, but now it’s a whole different game. I’ve released 39 originals and remixes so far this year, and there are STILL two more big releases to come in 2022. I’ve had collaborations with underground legends Mr.Bill, OpiuoKJ Sawka, Excision, Destroid, Beats Antique, Mimosa, Amon Tobin, Eskmo, The Dead Kennedys, and Grammy-winning artists Gucci Mane and Alanis Morissette (14 nominations, 8 wins). 

I’ve also been teaching for 20 years, and I’m ready to teach you.

It’s hard to finish your first EP, but it’s not hard when you’ve done a ton. I’ve been a part of the entire EP process for nearly 100 official releases on my record label, Producer Dojo, and many more. I’ve been through the process so many times I know what works and what doesn’t and I’m ready to teach it all to you.

I’ve designed the start to finish, everything you need to know, process to get you across that finish line.

Still don't believe me? I'll prove it to you with free access to one of my top workshop videos. ------->


The Curriculum

  • See your project through industry eyes
  • Clarify your brand, style, and vision
  • Overcome your limiting beliefs once and for all
  • Organize your library for maximum productivity
  • Witness The Plan in action 
  • Watch ill.Gates make several beats live 
  • Learn why working fast can actually increase quality 
  • It works like magic, but you’ll know why it isn’t
  • We pick “The One” and extend it into a full song
  • Understand the process of choosing a single
  • Extend an idea into a full song
  • Learn why “Phase 3” is the stage you’ve been missing
  • Cover every mixing and mastering step in the process
  • Everything you need to know about visual branding
  • Everything you need to know about graphic design 
  • Everything you need to know about typography
  • Everything you need to know to make your own videos
  • Everything you need to know about social media
  • Learn content formulas to generate endless ideas
  • Turn your phone into a promotional powerhouse
  • Learn why you don’t need a manager 
  • Reverse engineer your favorite artists and their success
  • Take control of your data, take control of your career

You’ll feel not just inspired, but confident, because you have a step-by-step plan to do every aspect of the process. Without depending on a manager, without depending on a record label, without depending on anyone but yourself, you’ll be fully capable of creating an awesome EP and promoting it. 


Industry Professionals Agree


Now you have a decision to make

You can keep doing what you’ve always done and keep getting the same results you’ve always gotten. OR, you can choose to commit to this path and Remix Your Life with EP Boot Camp. Do you have a burning voice inside of you telling you that you HAVE to make music or are you cool just doing whatever? Are you 100% happy with your music or do you want to push yourself to improve? Are you cool playing WIPS for houseguests or do you want finished releases for the whole world to hear? Do you want your 90 year old self to be proud or call you out? Do you want to choose fear or love?

Are you sick of waiting for ‘some day’

Are you ready to finish and release the music you were born to make?


Great. Then I’ll see you at EP Boot Camp!


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Bonus : EP Boot Camp Prep Library

The Workflow Workshop

Free yourself from limiting beliefs and learn the ultimate workflow for starting and finishing tracks quickly!

The EDM Cookbook

Four step-by-step songwriting recipes and workflow timers that will begin your music journey on a strong foundation.

Composing the Mix Workshop

Learn not only how to get the mixdown you want, but also how your sound design and composition affect your mix.

Because you are the foundation of your success as a musician.

Put tracks together quickly because you know to focus on what matters most.

These tips and tricks are essential for producers of all  experience levels.

Everything you need to know to level your songs properly.

Extremely useful racks that give your tracks life.

Habit formation is the foundation of all creative endeavors.

Work your arrangement into a manageable format to finish your song.

Track finishing tricks that you can only do in this phase of the process.

Finesse your transitions with spicy and interesting fills.


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