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DOJO MAX is the Complete Solution I Always Wanted

It’s my way of showing you how to literally REMIX YOUR LIFE


I have touched lives with my art, but I TRANSFORM lives with Producer Dojo. There is a big difference in how it feels to see producers I've helped crush it out in all avenues of music world and I am HOOKED!

That's why I designed the DOJO MAX membership to fit in any producer's workflow and for every type of genre, sound, style, and skill level.


How the Dojo Max Membership works

12 one on one
coaching sessions

Every month you'll get to work with an artist on your tracks and get the personal attention your music deserves.

Hit the library

Your coach will guide you through the 400+ hours of videos in the Dojo, prescribing you the exact learning to jump start your growth.

make awesome music

The best way to solidify everything you learn is to practice. Writing music is the most important part of being a musician!


Check in with one of the coaches any time you want. Link your latest song & get detailed, in depth feedback.


Nothing quite feels like listening back to your new song and thinking "I can't believe I made this." That's what it's all about!


Finishing your best music is addictive. The results will keep you coming back for more!


now is the time to start making
the best music of your life

Content is king.

Over years of producing with top names in the business, I learned what it takes to be successful and over the years of teaching, I learned how and why so many producers fail to meet their goals. At the end of the day there is one factor that separates the successful producers from broken dreamers: output.

There are three magic tweaks that, when used together, are able to more than DOUBLE the rate at which people achieve their personal goals, regardless of whether the goals are about fitness, creativity, or whatever else.

  1. Turning goals into an Action Plan and formally committing to a series of deadlines.

  2. Creating 3rd Party Accountability for the deadlines in the Action Plan.

  3. Sharing updates with the 3rd Party, ideally on a weekly basis.

These three factors used together are how I have been able to Remix My Life, finally getting regular with working out, finally quitting drinking, quitting nicotine, writing in my journal daily, and doing timer beats every single day.

Using these factors together makes discipline a no-brainer and the entire Dojo is built on this.

Producer Dojo is the best thing I have ever done. Releasing chart topping music, traveling all over the world, setting the record for the most sets at a single Burning Man, selling out solo headline shows, playing for crowds of 10000 and even 15,000 people at once, meeting Bill Gates, selling my farts to Microsoft, making ringtones for the Windows Phone, getting a visa to move to the USA, making and releasing 5 studio albums, making official music for Star Wars -

that stuff was all cool but these were just MY accomplishments. These just furthered my OWN ends. It was fun and it felt good to accomplish these things, I loved the validation of it, but there’s a level at which these are selfish accomplishments born of ego and vanity.

I have touched lives with my art, but I TRANSFORM lives with Producer Dojo. There is a big difference in how it feels. It's satisfying at a whole other level and I am HOOKED!

This is why the slogan of Producer Dojo is
“Remix Your Life”.
I really, truly mean that shit from the bottom of my soul.

This is a much deeper transformation than most people think - and it does take effort - but it’s not magic, it’s not impossible, and with the right friends it’s actually a whole lot of fun. In fact it is the single most fun and rewarding thing a music lover can do with their time. You have to step outside your comfort zone, you have to be ruthlessly honest with yourself, you have to make a lot of mistakes along the way, but it is more deeply satisfying than anything else in life ever.


This MEMBERSHIP contains:

This membership contains:

One on One Coaching Sessions

Having a Guide makes all the difference

This is hands down the most important part of this membership. I cannot stress this enough. Working one-on-one with a coach will be the backbone of your growth in Producer Dojo. 
When you have a professional producer working alongside you, you'll take the fast path around the noise and be able to focus on embracing your strengths and strengthening your weaknesses in every phase of your production. I'm 100 percent positive that your music means something personal to you; and your training deserves to be personalized for you.


These Senseis have gone through my programs, they’ve released on my label, and they know EXACTLY what it takes to gain significant progress because they've already done it.

Every month you’ll meet with one of our Dojo Senseis and you’ll get an hour video session. During this session, your Sensei will help you breakthrough any of the blocks you may be currently facing. They’ll be your coach and they’ll hold you accountable to your goals and deadlines.

Not only will you get one-on-one coaching with your Sensei, but I’m throwing in a couple of badass bonuses!
You'll have EVERYTHING you need to be successful.



I’ve been producing music of different genres for 8 years, mostly bass music for the last 2, but have plenty of experience in the melodic side of electronic music as well, coming from a heavy piano/instrumental background. Since the beginning of last year, I’ve been teaching production privately and it has been a rewarding, eye-opening experience to help so many flourishing producers succeed and learn from them along the way. I can help you grow as an experimental bass producer and focus on adding creative, tasteful intention to your arrangements.

DAW(s): Ableton
Specialties: Sound Design (Operator, Wavetable, Resampling), Mixing, Arrangement/Song Structure, Workflow


Creating music for the lovers and the lost. 6TH STREET's latest EP "Neon District" hitting #1 in future bass, trap, electronica, and dubstep on Beatport and has rocked successful releases on the various labels, including the Producer Dojo, Artist Intelligence Agency (Hegemon Select), and 99L.

DAW(s): Ableton
Joined: 2 years
Specialties: Chords and melodies, Vocals, Social Media and Branding


Cryptochronica is an Ableton Maestro who specializes in Mixing, Layering and Detailing. Learn speed, subtlety and vibe in his fast-paced, vital lessons.


DAW(s): Ableton
Joined: 2 years
Specialties: Composition, Mixing, Workflow and Detailing


I love helping students gain perspective on their efforts and goals!



DAW(s): Ableton
Joined: 4 years
Specialties: Song structure, mixdowns, philosophical outlook


I’ve been producing music for 28 years and I want you to learn from my mistakes so that you don’t have to endure what I did over the years. In addition to helping you with cutting edge music production I can help you manage the psychological aspect of making music so that you can maintain a positive and healthy outlook while increasing your productivity and working towards your clearly defined SMART goals.

DAW(s): Ableton
Joined: In the beginning
Specialties: Workflow, Project Management, Mixing, DIY Mastering, Creative Hacks


What’s up my name is Jack! I used to be a physicist, now I make and teach music. I love to talk about anything and everything from nerdy technical things like sound design and music theory to the more abstract like finding inspiration and developing workflow.

DAW(s): Ableton
Joined: started lessons will iLL Gates through Patreon in 2015, became Sensei in 2019
Specialties: Sound Design, Modular Synthesis, Mixing, Arrangement


Luke Rain has released bass tunes independently and through the Producer Dojo label, and has produced records for up and coming indie acts Bingx, Sam Shoemaker, Wonderwish and more. He's an expert in Reason Studios and really enjoys giving track feedback and teaching Dojo Ninjas about productive mindset and time saving tips and tricks, including sound palettes, mix templates and setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals.

DAW(s): Reason 11
Joined: January 2018
Specialties: Workflow, Mindset, Engineering and Arrangement


Much of Daniel's music is inspired by his spiritual awakening journey. He aims to help spread a message of unity, peace, and harmony through his music and empower others to do the same

DAW(s): Ableton, Logic (for recording and comping)
Joined: 2.5 years
Specialties: Songwriting, Production, Creativity, Finding Your Sound & Brand


I love teaching all levels but I'm extra passionate about leveling up the producer who knows their tools to freely expressing themselves in the DAW. However, my approach is not at all DAW-dependent and instead focused on understanding why/when to apply techniques - with that said, we can also deep dive into Ableton workflow and shortcuts!

DAW(s): Ableton
Joined: 4 years
Specialties: Workflow, Mixing, Developing your own sound, Finishing


ShadowStar Audio Alchemist is a House and Techno producer that is available to help you harness the FEELING of all House music and how to see the vastest LANDSCAPE of Techno.


DAW(s): Ableton, (NI Maschine coming soon)
Joined: 3 years
Specialties: S.M.A.R.T Goals > Style Development > House/Techno Composition

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400+ hours of on demand training

The Weekly Download is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to close the gap between your music and the music you're inspired to make. When you work with a Sensei, the hundreds of hours of tutorials inside will become an encyclopedia for your growth and training.

Even if you signed up, raided the downloads and cancelled, you'd still have hundreds of dollars in new tools.


You'll enjoy access to the full archive of weekly downloads (over 220 weeks and counting) including LIVE Workshops, a growing archive of VIP tools, sound packs, templates, samples & presets for the modern producer.

Here's just a handful of Weekly Download Episodes

This pack of multisample Moog sub
patches has been in the shop for $15 for years, and is guaranteed to give your low end an analog sound!

A must watch for the producers that have not seen the infinite drum rack. Learn the techniques that ill.Gates used to change modern electronic production

Other producer's stems are often one of the hardest things to get for a song; good thing ill.Gates included his in The Weekly Download!

The Moog One is an $8,000 synth but the multisample patches are ready to be loaded into any DAW and can be downloaded directly from the video library.

The follow up to the Infinite Drum Rack takes a deeper dive into customization, programming and detail to show you exactly how to build off of the "128" technique.

The 3 Drum Rack method is not only a staple in the ill.Gates Workflow, but is also featured in multiple workshops where attendees spent $50 for a seat. Today, it's just another perk of your Weekly Download Membership!

The Bass racks have been available on the shop for years, and there's always been producers looking to get a little more oomph, movement, and texture out of their basses. Good thing you'll be able to download it in The Weekly Download!

Analog gear has never been "cheap" so being able to take advantage of it has always come at a cost. With Hardware wavetables you'll have the tone of analog synths with the flexibility and power of Serum!

Samples pulled directly from Bobo's Moog aren't going to cost you $15 in the shop anymore. There's never too many analog sounds to go around when you want rich, smooth, and full-bodied synths!

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The Fastest Growing Area in Producer Dojo

DOJOTV On Demand is a collection of livestreams from our Senseis and ninjas through our Platform DojoTV.

Containing everything from track feedback to production tutorials and live sets, this is the fastest growing collection of videos on Producer Dojo. From Ninjas, to Senseis, and ill.Gates himself we've had loads of live events including our new feedback friday which links perfectly with the Track feedback you'll be using with the senseis. The weekly download is now over 200 episodes after 3+ years and we fully expect the episodes in DOJOTV On Demand to surpass that by the end of 2021.

unlimited track feedback


Track feedback is such a valuable thing that any producer can have at any skill level. Even I send out tracks for feedback regularly! it's one of the best ways to learn where I can keep improving my production.

In addition to track feedback from the Senseis whenever you like, we also have a recurring stream on fridays with LIVE track feedback from ill.Gates, the Senseis, and special guests from outside the Dojo!


“Track Feedback is essential not just as a feature, but it is a reflection of how the industry and creation truly works in a community setting.

By having others listen into your tracks, it’s like having another pair of ears that can help you find things you may have missed and give you the ability to unlock new ideas based off addressing the track in how another person perceives it.

Iterating through feedback has given me numerous gains in finding new potential in my music by understanding what another person is hearing and digging into new methods to address sound design and composition when compared to the methods taught with Producer Dojo.”


"Having skilled producers give your tracks a fresh pair of ears is so invaluable!”

-Kevin (KFiSH)

“Feedback from the mentors has been essential to me growing as an artist/producer. It’s a very long journey and it helps immensely to be able to reach out to someone and simply clarify things.

A great example of feedback for me is learning to let go of ideals and just focus on the best parts of the song. To have someone with no emotional attachment and fresh ears point out the best part of your tracks has been key.”

-Like Water

“The Dojo track feedback has been a real game changer for me. Tracks I would have considered ‘finished’ before the dojo are now usually just first drafts.

The sensei feedback is usually spot on and most importantly, actionable. Many of my releases these days have seen feedback from at least one to three senseis over their course.”



Featuring Weekly track feedback streams!

Every Wednesday and Friday on DOJOTV you can join our live track feedback streams with one of our amazing guests which have included Protohype, Chomppa, ill.Gates, and more! In addition to this, 6TH STREET hosts his own track feedback on alternating Mondays. You'll be amazed when you see how interactive track feedback can be when the keyboard barrier is broken. 

ill.Gates will be joining Feedback Fridays monthly to provide track feedback directly to you and the other ninjas. There's never been a better time to tune in and get feedback from ill.Gates than right now - this will not be around forever if hundreds of producers are looking for feedback each month!


The Producer Dojo mixtapes, called cyphers, have been a staple on the label since its inception and it's become so much more over the past few months. I've played entire sets of cypher tracks and ninjas have even gotten gigs from promoters who listened to the cyphers!

For this entire time, it was only available for submission by the select ninjas in the Class of 808. But now you can have access to the cyphers right away when you remix your life! 


your sign up bonuses



After years of producing, and hundreds of songs written I've been able to develop a system of writing electronic music that focuses on 4 foundational types of songs. Many artists considered to be all time greats, and pioneers in electronic music mastered just one of these four recipes.

You'll have access to all of the recipes along with interactive and detailed projects that break down each of the 4 recipes into simple, easy to follow steps, that when learned can guide you to the finish line on any song you're writing.


After years of producing, and hundreds of songs written I've been able to develop a system of writing electronic music that focuses on 4 foundational types of songs. Many artists considered to be all time greats, and pioneers in electronic music mastered just one of these four recipes.

You'll have access to all of the recipes along with interactive and detailed projects that break down each of the 4 recipes into simple, easy to follow steps, that when learned can guide you to the finish line on any song you're writing.

4 Producers Track Breakdown

ill.Gates was a guest on Andrew Huang's 4 Producers series alongside Au5 and Drum & Lace. Through this 30 minute video, learn how he developed a bad sample into a hit song!
We'll also give you access to the project files from ill.Gates'
4 Producers track. Now, you'll have both the project and the breakdown for "6 feet Deep", the track on 4 Producers 1 Sample; offering a huge amount of insight on a top-level track

The Producer Dojo Discography is the perfect thing to have access to as a DJ. With over 10 hours of music and growing, it's becoming a vault of amazing tunes for your sets and reference tracks! Every release we've done on the label has been a top 5, if not a #1 release on Beatport and it shows!


ill.gates is officially supported by

Discover how to make Drum Sounds and Drum kits to use in your music with the Ill.Methodology Drum Sound Design Course from Producer Dojo.

Who is ill.gates?
click play to find out!

Who is ill.gates? click play to find out!


lll.GATES is a bass droppin’, educatin’, oscillator modulatin’ space genius from the future. DJing since age 13, ill.GATES has had a long and lavish career in the music business. Known for his epic collaborations with OpiuoKJ SawkaExcisionDestroidBeats AntiqueMimosaAmon TobinEskmoApashe and The Dead Kennedys, his music is no stranger to the top of the charts.

With 4 studio albums under his belt and hoards of unreleased original music ill.GATES is known for unforgettable live sets peppered with improvised finger drumming and original visuals. Many up and comers and professionals alike credit ill.GATES with breaking them out of their shell and into the music business.