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Added: ill.Gates' guest lectures at NYU and Ableton

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Brand New Additions:

  • ill.Gates at The Ableton Educator Summit
  • Embracing Failure
  • Music and Mental Health
  • Tipping Points
  • YOU Are the Authority
  • My Goal Setting Practice
  • Overcoming Procrastination & Inspiration for the New Year
  • Creating Tension & Release
  • S.M.A.R.T. Contracts for 2023 with ShadowStar
  • Your Sound as a Character with ShadowStar
  • Restraint
  • A Brief History of Drum & Bass
  • Compositional Density
  • Minimalist Listening Party
  • Minimalism: Part 2
  • NYU Lessons Part 1 and 2
  • Producing For DJs
  • Music as Narrative
  • The WHY of Swing vs Groove vs Offset
  • Composition as Choreography
  • Bad is Good

This course is a transformation. It peels back the layers to reveal the musician you were born to be. Step out of the shadows and into your authentic self.

Go confidently into the unknown and harvest the depths of your mind. We can't wait to hear the tracks you'll make.


Why do some have a great time writing when others seem to spin their wheels?

Why do some seem naturally original while others languish in imitation forever?

Why do some make great tracks using 4 sounds & others use 1,000 to make crap?

Why do some tracks made in a day beat tracks made in a year?

Why does the work of some amateurs crush the efforts of diligent professionals?

Why can some make 10 tracks in the time another producer only makes 1?

When you start with why, Wise Beyond Your Ears will jump your music knowledge 5-10 years into the future. This is the highest rated course we have to offer at the Dojo. Applied psychology and practical philosophy is our specialty and there is nothing else like this on the internet.

When you complete this course you will:

  • Leap forward 5-10 years in your musical journey
  • Improve your ability to listen
  • Hear and identify problems immediately
  • Unlearn the misconceptions that are holding you back
  • Design an ideal lifestyle for you and your music
  • Build the constant motivation that keeps you coming back
  • Be calm and confident when you get experimental
  • Discover and refine an original style 
  • Master your process effortlessly

Why do you need the illmethodology?

Stop struggling. Develop a unique writing process that makes you effortlessly original.

Sense the invisible aspects of sound to dissolve the barrier between you and your heroes.

Close the gap between the music you're making now and the music you want to make. 

Unlock those hidden doors. Hear what's missing and take the right path to nail your targets.

You are not your genre. Who are you? What are you saying? Why do we care? 


ill.gates' record speaks for itself...

58 Million+ plays on 275+ songs 

1000+ shows on 5 continents.

56 tracks released in 2022.

Songs with winners of 9 Grammys.

Credits include: Star WarsGTA5Gucci ManeAlanis Morissette42 DuggAction BronsonForeign BeggarsPav4nApasheEpromMr. Bill,  G JonesLiquid StrangerMinnesotaCloZeeCaptain Hook, DJ Dan, Si Begg, Excision/Destroid, Opiuo, Beats Antique + a collab with Flume/Seal engineer Eko-Zu that was selected by Dolby to demo Dolby Atmos sound systems.

ill.Gates sold the first Ableton templates in 2006, pioneered classic techniques like '128s' and 'The Infinite Drum Rack', was featured in Ableton's 'One Thing' series and is paid by Ableton to teach other educators.

ill.Gates has taught at BerkeleeNYU, and the S.A.E. as well as a Producer Dojo class on a different subject every week for over 300 consecutive weeks.

Past students and known users of ill.Gates products include Grammy Winner Seal10 Time Grammy Nominee Damian Taylor (Björk, Arcade Fire), 2 Time Grammy Winner Morgan PageIlleniumDr. PhreschApasheDJ VadimG JonesMr. BillCheeRavenscoonClaude Von StrokeAhee and Andrew Huang, who featured ill.Gates on '4 Producers 1 Sample'.

he taught  the best of the best

Music production tips for EDM producers
Music production tips for EDM producers
Music production tips for EDM producers
Music production tips for EDM producers
Music production tips for EDM producers
Music production tips for EDM producers

After This Course You Will:

  • Transcend the competition

  • Become effortlessly original

  • Start writing the music you were born to make

  • Learn when "bad" is good

  • Leave your comfort zone with confidence 

  • Transcend those limiting beliefs

  • Learn how and why to shop for gear

  • Discover how you train best 

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“I went from finishing a tune every six months, to finishing one or more a day, and I can teach you to do the same.” - ill.Gates

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Music production tips for EDM producers

What are you waiting for?

Music production tips for EDM producers

What are you waiting for?