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The EDM Cookbook

Workflow Timers:
  •  The Magic Timer
  •  The ill.Gates 2019 Daily Timer Challenge Playlist
  •  Full Workflow Outline
  •  The Melodic Buildup Recipe
  •  The Sample Based Recipe
  •  The Synth Sampling Recipe
  •   The Preset Shredding Recipe
  •   Dozens of Timer Beat Examples
  •   And More!

What Are People Saying?

“Learn from him, take his courses, use his packs and tools. You’ll grow as a result.”

Vespers (Founder of Warp Academy)

“I read your music production guide around 2012 and still think about many ideas you presented.”

G Jones

“ill.Gates brings a unique perspective to workflow and cuts through all the usual BS. His videos are great for getting high quality work done quickly and totally immersing yourself in the process.”

Morgan Page

“He’s always had a very special way of philosophizing music production that inspires me.”

Mr. Bill

“You've always inspired me a ton dude! Ur videos helped me since day 1 :)”


“ill.Gates really manages to make music making FUN. 10/10 would recommend.”


“An incredibly intuitive, effective and useful approach to both production and performance.”