The Producer Dojo Membership is my workflow.

It’s my way of showing you how to literally REMIX YOUR LIFE

I have touched lives with my art, but I TRANSFORM lives with Producer Dojo. There is a big difference in how it feels. It's satisfying at a whole other level and I am HOOKED!

I made a pledge to my community to create 1000 music careers, and that I was going to create The Producer Dojo to accomplish my goal.

Over years of producing with top names in the business, I learned what it takes to be successful and over the years of teaching, I learned how and why so many producers fail to meet their goals. At the end of the day there is one factor that separates the successful producers from broken dreamers: output.

Content is king.

There are three magic tweaks that, when used together, were able to more than DOUBLE the rate at which people achieve their personal goals, regardless of whether the goals were about fitness, creative, or whatever else.

These three factors used together are how I have been able to Remix My Life, finally getting regular with working out, finally quitting drinking, quitting nicotine, writing in my journal daily and doing timer beats every single day.

Using these factors together makes discipline a no-brainer and the entire Dojo is built on this.

REMIX YOUR LIFE three factors:

  1. Turning goals into an Action Plan and formally committing to a series of deadlines.
  2. Creating 3rd Party Accountability for the deadlines in the Action Plan
  3. Sharing updates with the Third Party, ideally on a weekly basis.





Let's meet your Senseis

At the end of the day it needs to be about musicians teaching musicians the ways of the trade. It is that one-on-one training, working together, collabing, focusing on output… that has always been and always will be what really gets results.

The entire Producer Dojo was built on this approach and that’s why Producer Dojo is the absolute best possible place you can go to learn and grow your career.

That’s why I created The Producer Dojo Membership. It’s my way of showing you how to literally REMIX YOUR LIFE. 

It’s a program unlike ANYTHING out there because we actually hold your hand through the entire learning process.  Let me break it down for you:

One on one coaching with our Dojo Senseis. These Senseis have gone through my programs, they’ve released on my label, and they know EXACTLY what it takes to gain significant progress.

Every month you’ll meet with one or our Dojo Senseis and you’ll get an hour video session. During this session your Sensei will help you breakthrough any of the blocks you may be currently facing. They’ll be your coach and they’ll hold you accountable to your goals and deadlines.
(Value of $1200 - $100/hour)









“Success” in music isn’t just about ticking all the boxes, it is about BECOMING WHO YOU ARE.

Producer Dojo is the best thing I have ever done. Releasing chart topping music, traveling all over the world, setting the record for the most sets at a single Burning Man, selling out solo headline shows, playing for crowds of 10000 and even 15,000 people at once, meeting Bill Gates, selling my farts to Microsoft, making ringtones for the Windows Phone, getting a visa to move to the USA, making and releasing 5 studio albums, making official music for Star Wars - that stuff was all cool but these were just MY accomplishments. These just furthered my OWN ends. It was fun and it felt good to accomplish these things, I loved the validation of it, but there’s a level at which these are selfish accomplishments born of ego and vanity.

I have touched lives with my art, but I TRANSFORM lives with Producer Dojo. There is a big difference in how it feels. It's satisfying at a whole other level and I am HOOKED!

This is why the slogan of Producer Dojo is
“Remix Your Life”.
I really, truly mean that shit from the bottom of my soul.

This is a much deeper transformation than most people think - and it does take effort - but it’s not magic, it’s not impossible, and with the right friends it’s actually a whole lot of fun. In fact it is the single most fun and rewarding thing a music lover can do with their time. You have to step outside your comfort zone, you have to be ruthlessly honest with yourself, you have to make a lot of mistakes along the way, but it is more deeply satisfying than anything else in life ever.

Remixing Your Life feels better than sex.

It is often said that ‘music is medicine’ and the record label I release on ‘Muti’ is based on that philosophy. “Muti” means medicine in Afrikaans (The Muti founder, Dov, is South African).


One of the TRUE highlights of my entire career happened last year after a show I headlined in Denver.

After I was done taking selfies with all the fans, this shy, shirtless young man named John politely tapped me shoulder and had tears in his eyes as he told me that he was working through a family tragedy. For some reason he couldn’t explain, he found that my music specifically was what helped him process his emotions. He told me that he danced all night and cried tears of joy on the dance floor.

He told me that my music was his happy place and all he wanted was for me to take a photo with him and share his story.

In that one moment all of the years of struggle were instantly validated at the deepest level. It was suddenly worth all those years of being poor, keeping it real and putting all of those complex grey area emotions into my music that get in the way of ‘making hits’. There’s nothing wrong with writing music in major scales, or having the main emotion being new year’s eve confetti and fireworks. The world needs all kinds of music and if that’s what you want to make don’t think i’m judging you on it or anything. But for ME personally it validated the entire journey, scary feelings and all. 

I told KJ Sawka about this because he is one of my best friends and I love him dearly. And he had some interesting thoughts about it:

“Even if you’re only famous to one person, then you’re famous… to that person”

It blew me away.

He is so RIGHT.

When you talk to real musicians like KJ  they will tell you that making a REAL difference to even one person’s life feels better than having ten million people care that you’re a Kardashian.

Making that difference to one person is a totally achievable goal, even as a hobbyist.

Imagine how it feels to have someone tell you that your song is their alarm clock.

Imagine how it feels to have someone tell you that your mix gets them going at the gym.

Imagine how it feels to know you made it onto someone’s sexytime playlist.

Imagine how it feels to watch someone from another country make a dance video to your song.

Imagine seeing that someone took the time to learn to play your song on the ukulele, or sing a cover version on YouTube.

Imagine you made a wedding playlist.

Imagine your song played at a funeral.

Even if you’re only famous to one person, then you really are famous… to that person.

If THAT matters to you, then YOU are the reason I created The Producer Dojo Membership.

Real musicians know that music literally is MEDICINE FOR THE SOUL. We use it to heal and to get high. Music is the drug. No amount of record sales will compare to the feeling of knowing you've given this world the medicine it so badly needs.

Not only will you get one-on-one coaching with your sensei, but I’m throwing in a bunch of badass bonuses!
You'll have EVERYTHING you need to be successful.



Access To LIVE Calls

Get access to weekly live calls every Wednesday evening at 7pm PST. You'll have the opportunity to ask ill.Gates questions!

Soundpacks, Samples & Stems

Get access to a huge archive of exclusive downloads such as the Moog Little Phatty Sub Bass Pack, the riser pack, Modular Sound Pack, and more. New downloads added each and every week!

Ableton Racks

Learn how to build your own drum racks, or use ill.Gates's exclusive set of Ableton racks for your own productions!

Videos & Tutorials

Lessons on special sidechaining methods, layering drums, the 3 extremes, mixing vocals, and checkerboarding. Plus access to the ill.GATES Guide to Producing e-book!

Access to The Green Room

This is the backstage area of the Dojo where all musicians can come to network and grow into a family. There are over 600+ members!

The Producer Dojo
Summit and Showcase

BONUS THREE: Producer Dojo Discord

Every show has a backstage green room.
Join us backstage for exclusive access to the Producer Dojo Discord. 

Imagine having a group of musician allies to help you level up... people who've come together, shared music, lifted each other up and helped other members advance through their production. We've covered everything from the local scene to free samples and our favorite production tips. 


The EDM Cookbook 

Workflow Timers:

The Magic Timer - The ill.Gates Daily Timer -
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Sound Packs:

​ill.Gates Sample Library - The Virus Sample Patches - ill.Phatty Moog Patches - The ill.Gates Sound Packs
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The DOJOTV Archive is a collection of livestreams from our Senseis and ninjas through our livestream.


Containing everything from track feedback to production tutorials and live sets, this is the fastest growing collection of videos on Producer Dojo.


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lll.GATES is a bass droppin’, educatin’, oscillator modulatin’ space genius from the future. DJing since age 13 ill.Gates has had a long and lavish career in the music business. Known for his epic collaborations with Opiuo, KJ Sawka, Excision, Destroid, Beats Antique, Mimosa, Amon Tobin, Eskmo, Apashe and The Dead Kennedys, his music is no stranger to the top of the charts. With 4 studio albums under his belt and hoards of unreleased original music ill.GATES is known for unforgettable live sets peppered with improvised finger drumming and original visuals. When he isn't traveling or rocking the studio ill.GATES is mentoring the next generation of producers over at his training camp www.ProducerDojo.com. Many up and comers credit ill.GATES with breaking them out of their shell and into the music business. You can catch ill.GATES slaying dance floors on five continents and at illgates.com