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Music production tutorials for Ableton sound design and EDM production

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Get access to a huge archive of exclusive downloads such as the Moog Little Phatty Sub Bass Pack, the riser pack, Modular Sound Pack, and more. New downloads added each and every week!

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Learn how to build your own drum racks, or use ill.Gates's exclusive set of Ableton racks for your own productions!

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Music production tutorials for Ableton sound design and EDM production


Episode 240 - APC40 MKII Performance Template

Episode 239 - Momentary Effects
Episode 238 - Multi FX Racks 
Episode 237 - One Knob Effects
Episode 236 - Making Custom Edits & VIPs for DJ Sets
Episode 235 - DJ Set Transitions
Episode 234 - The Art of DJing
Episode 233 - Methods of Live Performance
Episode 232 - Making Things 3D
Episode 231 - The Purple Cow Lesson
Episode 230 - Special Guest 6th Street Part 2
Episode 229 - Special Guest 6th Street
Episode 228 - Texture
Episode 227 - Sound Design: LoFi Texture
Episode 226 - Audio Fidelity
Episode 225 - Unusual Drum Processing Tricks Part 2
Episode 224 - Protohype Mixdown Breakdown
Episode 223 - ILL GATES Mixdown Breakdown
Episode 222 - Unusual Drum Processing Tricks
Episode 221 - Timer Beats Pt 3 - Live Timer Beat
Episode 220 - BONUS- Ableton Live 11- ILL Gates Chicago UG Workshop
Episode 219 - Workflow: Timer Beats Pt 2 - Preparation
Episode 218 - Komplate Tutorial by Matnetik of Native Instruments
Episode 217 - Workflow: Timer Beats Pt 1- Concepts
Episode 216 - Composition: Drums- Sequencing Patterns
Episode 215 - Sound Design: Flavors of Distortion Pt 2- 3rd Party Plugins
Episode 214 - Sound Design: Flavors of Distortion
Episode 213 - Philosophy: How To Remix Your Life 2021 
Episode 212 - Party: End of 2020 Celebration
Episode 211 - Philosophy: Flow- Getting in the Zone
Episode 210 - Business: Public Relations & Promotion w/ Cheyanne Powell
Episode 209 - Gear: How to Build a Studio with ILL Gates
Episode 208 - ILL Gates Track Feedback
Episode 207 - Philosophy: Embracing Failure
Episode 206 - Philosophy: Fun and Gamification
Episode 205 - Workflow: Melodic Deconstruction
Episode 204 - Philosophy: NYU Lesson 2
Episode 203 - Philosophy: NYU Lesson
Episode 202 - Music History: Steve Reich
Episode 201 - Sound Design: Corpus
Episode 199 - Sound Design: Physical Modeling Synthesis - Mallets w/ Collision
Episode 198 - Philosophy: Rejection 
Episode 197 - Sound Design: Physical Modeling Synthesis - Strings w/ Tension
Episode 196 - Philosophy: The Importance of Coaching
Episode 195 - Sound Design: Super Saws
Episode 194 - Philosophy: Bad is Good
Episode 193 - Special Guest: KJ Sawka
Episode 192 - iLL Gates Feedback
Episode 191 - Special Guest: Kermode Breaks Down His Track Prehistoric Nucleus
Episode 190 - Workflow: Chord Storage
Episode 189 - Composition: Midi Drum Patterns Pt 2
Episode 188 - Composition: Midi Drum Patterns
Episode 187 - Special Guest: Zeke Beats
Episode 186 - RIP Kenny - Making Music that CONNECTS
Episode 185 - Bonus - DojoTV: iLL Gates and UHNK Breakdown Their Track Trapezoid
Episode 184 - Special Guest: A Hundred Drums
Episode 183 - Music History: Dub Mixing
Episode 182 - Sound Design: Resampling Pt 4 - The Loop Menu + Preset Shred Techniques
Episode 181 - Sound Design: Resampling Pt 3 - Articulations
Episode 180 - Sound Design: Resampling Pt 2 - Iterative Resampling
Episode 179 - Sound Design: Resampling Pt 1 - Neuro Bass Sound Design
Episode 178 - Sound Design: Bass Processing Chains Pt 2
Episode 177 - Special Guest: Kraddy
Episode 176 - Sound Design: Bass Processing Chains Pt 1
Episode 175 - Knard Hocks talks Streaming
Episode 174 - Sound Design: Bass Pt 5 - Additive Synthesis w/ Razor
Episode 173 - Sound Design: Making Additive Synth Patches with NI Razor
Episode 172 - Philosophy: Basic Bitch Bootcamp
Episode 171 - Sound Design: Granular Sounds With VCV Rack
Episode 170 - Philosophy: COVID Reflections
Episode 169 - Philosophy: The Bigger Picture
Episode 168 - Sounds: Distorted 808s
Episode 167 - Special Guest: Lil Bo Weep
Episode 166 - Sound Design: Bass Pt 4 - Wavetable Synthesis
Episode 165 - Composition: Rhythmic Escalations (The Spots)
Episode 164 - Sound Design: Bass Pt 3 - FM Synthesis Basics
Episode 163 - Sound Design: Unison Mode
Episode 162 - Special Guest: Lisa Vasquez - #GoldieAwards finalist and MPC battle boss
Episode 161 - Sound Design: Bass Pt 2 - Classic Subtractive Patches
Episode 160 - Sound Design: Bass Pt 1 - Subtractive Synthesis Basics
Episode 159 - Philosophy: #RemixYourLife
Episode 158 - Sounds: MOOG One Presets
Episode 157 - Sound Design: Serum Basses With Premier Sensei Kermode
Episode 154 - Sound Design: VCV Rack - FREE MODULAR FOR EVERYONE! 
Episode 153 - Business: Branding and Re-branding with Hexis fka Matter
Episode 152 - Sound Design: SUBS!
Episode 151 - Sound Design: 808s Pt 1
Episode 150 - Mixing: Skrillex Bussing Template
Episode 149 - Business: Spiderhound - Self-Releasing Music 
Episode 148 - Business: Trap Jesus - Industry Etiquette
Episode 147 - Sound Design: Making Kits Pt 2
Episode 146 - Sound Design: Making Kits
Episode 145 - Sound Design: Crash Course in Layering
Episode 144 - Sound Design: Synthesizing Percussion Sounds
Episode 143 - Sound Design: Cymbal Synthesis
Episode 142 - Special Guest: Mersiv
Episode 141 - Sound Design: Snares
Episode 140 - Sound Design: Kicks
Episode 139 - Philosophy: Transcending Competition: Positive Psychology For Happy Musicians
Episode 138 - Philosophy: Dylan's Birthday Hangout/Philosophy Session
Episode 137 - Sound Design: Convolution, Erosion & Cross Synthesis
Episode 136 - Mixing: Side Chaining 2019 Update
Episode 135 - Workflow: Remixing
Episode 134 - Mixing: Compression
Episode 133 - Sound Design: Chopping Drum Breaks
Episode 132 - Mixing: A:B Referencing + Visual Analyzers
Episode 131 - Mixing: Special Guest Seth Drake 
Episode 130 - Workflow: Phase 3 Pt 3- Fills
Episode 129 - Workflow: Phase 3 Pt 2
Episode 128 - Workflow: Phase 3 Pt 1 
Episode 127 - Sound Design: More Mudpies 
Episode 126 - Special Guest: Conrank
Episode 125 - Sound Design: Making Mudpies
Episode 124 - Sound Design: Starting from subs 
Episode 123 - Mixing and Mastering with Sensei Nintendeaux (aka Tyson)
Episode 122 - Philosophy: Producing for DJs 
Episode 121 - Workflow: Neuro Bass Checkerboard Method 
Episode 120 - Business: Booking Shows With my Agent Greg 
Episode 119 - Live Track Feedback 
Episode 118 - Composition: Phrasing 
Episode 117 - Workflow: The Use of Silence as an Instrument 
Episode 116 - Mixing: OTT (Over the Top) Compression 
Episode 115 - Composition: "The Drop" Lead by Dustin (fka Matter) 
Episode 114 - Mixing: Vocal Mixing 
Episode 113 - Composition: Build ups 
Episode 112 - Workflow: Reverb, Details, Final Mix Tips 
Episode 111 - Special Guest: ill.Gates Interviews Youtube and Patreon Superstar Andrew Huang 
Episode 110 - Music History: The Purple Cow 
Episode 109 - Composition: Orchestration (Bonus Episode) 
Episode 108 - Composition: Melody Practice Exercise 
Episode 107 - Workflow: How I Use Ableton Push 
Episode 106 - Mixing: Harshness (Bonus Episode) 
Episode 105 - Sound Design: Ableton Echo Deep Dive 
Episode 104 - Sound Design: Simpler Deep Dive 
Episode 103 - Workflow: Advanced Editing With Drum pads 
Episode 102 - Composition: Get Off the Grid 
Episode 101 - Workflow: Template + Recipes 
Episode 100 - Private Lesson: Anthony Stano 
Episode 99 - Sounds: Moog Synth - 5 Classic Analog Multisamples 
Episode 98 - Sound Design: Granular Synthesis 
Episode 97 - Mixing: How to Hear MP3 Compression and Audio Aliasing 
Episode 96 - Mixing: Vocals Pt 4- Glitch Vocals 
Episode 95 - Mixing: Vocals Pt 3- Wet Effects and Robot Voices 
Episode 94 - Special Guest: Mr. Bill 
Episode 93 - Mixing: Vocal Processing Pt 2- The Dry Mix 
Episode 92 - Mixing: Vocals Pt 1- Recording and Mixing 
Episode 91 - Composition: Composition as Choreography 
Episode 90 - Composition: Transitions 
Episode 89 - Mixing: Multiband Side Chaining for Vocal Clarity 
Episode 88 - Composition: Probability Sequencing 
Episode 87 - Composition: The Rhythm Guide 
Episode 86 - Composition: Basic Polyrhythm 
Episode 85 - Gear: 5 Powerful Midi Fighter Tips 
Episode 84 - Sound Design: Granular Techniques With Simpler + Arpeggiators 
Episode 83 - Business: Branding 
Episode 82 - Philosophy: Being Teachable 
Episode 81 - Sound Design: Sampler Deep Dive 
Episode 80 - Sound Design: Multi Filter Rack 
Episode 79 - Workflow: Punch In + Punch Out Groups 
Episode 78 - Gear: My Favorite Plugins 
Episode 77 - Gear: How + Why To Shop For Gear  
Episode 76 - Composition: The Groove Pool 
Episode 75 - DJing: Prepping Tracks In Rekordbox 
Episode 74 - Sound Design: Adding High End Texture + Width To Beats 
Episode 73 - Sound Design: Multiband Transient Shaping 
Episode 72 - Composition: Horizontal + Vertical Composition 
Episode 71 - Composition: Finding The Pocket
Episode 70 - Sound Design: Layered Bass In Sampler
Episode 69 - Sound Design: Making Neuro Basses For Re-sampling 
Episode 68 - Sound Design: Going Deep On Subs With Kevin Brice 
Episode 67 - Sound Design: Advanced Midi Racks 
Episode 66 - Workflow: Simple Automation 
Episode 65 - Sound Design: Movement Pt 2- Drums 
Episode 64 - Sound Design: Making 128s On The Fly 
Episode 63 - Sound Design: Movement Pt 1
Episode 62 - Sound Design: Racks 
Episode 61 - Sound Design: Midi Plugins 
Episode 60 - Mixing: Stereo Width 
Episode 59 - Sound Design: Saturating Drums 
Episode 58 - Philosophy: 5 Books Every Artist Should Read
Episode 57 - Workflow: Setting Up Your Library 
Episode 56 - Mixing: Exciters 
Episode 55 - Sound Design: Make Synths And Drums Out Of Any Sample 
Episode 54 - Sound Design: Offset Compression 
Episode 53 - Business: Shake The Tree- Using Social Media to Attract Business
Episode 52 - Gear: Get More Out Of Your Synths With Program Changes 
Episode 51 - Composition: Dance To Find The Flow
Episode 50 - Sound Design: Tweaky Reverb Tricks
Episode 49 - Sound Design: Pretransients 
Episode 48 - Workflow: 5 WorkFlow Tips For Music Producer
Episode 47 - Business: The Conduit And Building A Fan Base 
Episode 45 - Sounds: Moog Samples With Bobo 
Episode 44 - Philosophy: What Are You Saying 
Episode 43 - DJing: Warping And Clip Pack Preparation For Live Sets
Episode 42 - Mixing: Leveling 
Episode 41 - Sound Design: Turning Samples Into Midi Instruments 
Episode 40 - Composition & Workflow: Checkerboarding - The Purple Cow Folder 
Episode 39 - Mixing: EQ Basics 
Episode 38 - Sound Design: Far Away Rack + Analog Tone 
Episode 37 - Private Lesson: Steve's Training Day 
Episode 36 - DJing: Reverse Engineering Midi Maps 
Episode 35 - Maschine: Full Maschine Project 
Episode 34 - Maschine: Routing Template 
Episode 33 - Workflow: Modulation Vs Automation 
Episode 32 - Sound Design: The Pad Gate 
Episode 31 - Sounds: The Subkick Drum Rack 
Episode 30 - Workflow: Crash Course In Audio Editing 
Episode 29 - Sound Design: Expanding Over Compressed Drums 
Episode 28 - Sounds: Unusual Subs 
Episode 27 - Sounds: Scratch Racks 
Episode 26 - Sounds: Hardware Wavetables For Serum 
Episode 25 - Sound Design: Layering Drums 
Episode 24 - Mixing: The Three Extremes 
Episode 23 - Composition: The Three Drum Rack Method 
Episode 22 - Philosophy & Composition: Checker boarding + Standing Out With Tesko 
Episode 21 - Composition: The Arrangement Exercise 
Episode 19 - Sounds: Lets Collab! 
Episode 18 - Mixing: Sitting On Top Of The Mix 
Episode 17 - Composition: Chord Progression Tricks 
Episode 16 - Sound: Is You Is Stems 
Episode 14 - Sound Design: Adding Detail With Routing Hacks 
Episode 13 - Sound Design: Analog Style Delays 
Episode 11 - Sounds: ArpFreqs 
Episode 10 - Sounds: Bonus Wobs
Episode 9 - Sound Design: Chopping Vocals
Episode 8 - Sounds: Bass Rack
Episode 7 - Sounds: Modular Sound Pack 
Episode 6 - Sounds: Moog Subs 
Episode 5 - Sound Design: Risers 
Episode 4 - Sound Design: Drum Rack Workshop 
Episode 3 - Sounds: Infinite Drum Rack 
Episode 2 - Philosophy: Lesson Zero
Episode 1 - Workflow: ill.Gates Guide To Producing 

Music production tutorials for Ableton sound design and EDM production

A must watch for the producers that have not seen the infinite drum rack. Learn the techniques that ill.Gates used to change modern electronic production and finger drumming.

The follow up to the Infinite Drum Rack takes a deeper dive into customization, programming and detail to show you exactly how to build off of the "128" technique.

This pack of multisample  Moog sub patches has been in the shop for $15 for years, and is guaranteed to give your low end an analog sound!

Other producer's stems are often one of the hardest things to get for a song; good thing ill.Gates included his in The Weekly Download!

Music production tutorials for Ableton sound design and EDM production

The Moog One is an $8,000 synth but the multisample patches are ready to be loaded into any DAW and can be downloaded directly from the video library.

Music production tutorials for Ableton sound design and EDM production

Samples pulled directly from Bobo's Moog aren't going to cost you $15 in the shop anymore. There's never too many analog sounds to go around when you want rich, smooth, and full-bodied synths!

Music production tutorials for Ableton sound design and EDM production

Analog gear has never been "cheap" so being able to take advantage of it has always come at a cost. With Hardware wavetables you'll have the tone of analog synths with the flexibility and power of Serum!

Music production tutorials for Ableton sound design and EDM production

The 3 Drum Rack method is not only a staple in the ill.Gates Workflow, but is also featured in multiple workshops where attendees spent $50 for a seat. Today, it's just another perk of your Weekly Download Membership!

Music production tutorials for Ableton sound design and EDM production

The Bass racks have been available on the shop for years, and there's always been producers looking to get a little more oomph, movement, and texture out of their basses. Good thing you'll be able to download it directly from episode 08 in The Weekly Download!

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Music production tutorials for Ableton sound design and EDM production
Music production tutorials for Ableton sound design and EDM production
Music production tutorials for Ableton sound design and EDM production
Music production tutorials for Ableton sound design and EDM production
Music production tutorials for Ableton sound design and EDM production

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lll.GATES is a bass droppin’, educatin’, oscillator modulatin’ space genius from the future. DJing since age 13 ill.Gates has had a long and lavish career in the music business. Known for his epic collaborations with Gucci Mane, Opiuo, KJ Sawka, Excision, Destroid, Beats Antique, Mimosa, Amon Tobin, Eskmo, Apashe and The Dead Kennedys, his music is no stranger to the top of the charts. With 4 studio albums under his belt and hoards of unreleased original music ill.GATES is known for unforgettable live sets peppered with improvised finger drumming and original visuals. When he isn't traveling or rocking the studio ill.GATES is mentoring the next generation of producers over at his training camp Many up and comers credit ill.GATES with breaking them out of their shell and into the music business. You can catch ill.GATES slaying dance floors on five continents and at