Take your tracks to the next level


Get Access to The Weekly Download Bundle for $10!

1. Modular Sound Pack

Nothing beats the warm sound of an Analog synth. In this download you'll find:
*Ableton Project with a playable modular pack to save to your library
*190 MB of Analog Modular Synth sounds sampled from my Make Noise Black & *Gold modular synth

2. Scratch Racks

One of the oldest tricks in the book - from sampling songs to chopping vocals scratching records has never gone out of style and never will! I'm giving you racks that will allow you to scratch ANYTHING you want in ableton from samples to midi instruments. One knob to scratch them all!

3. Build Ups Video & Project File

A Weekly Download Episode Specifically made for The most under-appreciated part of any song! This weekly download will show you how to build the energy and tension every track needs to deliver a proper drop/chorus!

4. ill.Phatty Moog Patches

I've always loved the sounds of hardware synths and nothing sounds quite like a Moog.

So I made a bunch of Sampler Patches from my Moog Little Phatty and got them loaded into multikey samplers so that they're ready to go in Ableton! 

5. Infinite Drum Rack

Royalty free. 11 Sound Types, 1400 Samples and 180,000 Drum Kit Combinations. Works with ANY 16 Pad MIDI Controller. New Push and Automap compatibility. New Drum Libraries. New Drum Layout for Live Performance and Studio Production. Improved 128's Technique Pioneered by ill.Gates.

NB - you will need Ableton Live 10 to access all of the downloads